We use user centred design methods in product development processes to create usable, valuable and successful products. We use a small set of methods over and over again because we are familiar with them and can easily ‘tweak’ them a little to our situation. But using the wrong method can lead to bad design decisions. With over 200 methods and techniques available, how do you choose what’s best? I initiated UCDtoolbox and in collaboration with the TU Delft I created a platform to solve this challenge.

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A closer look at the project

The research

UCDtoolbox started as a graduation project at the Design for Usability program at Delft University of Technology. The basics of the selection procedure are explained in this video.

The private beta

The initial launch of UCDtoolbox in 2013 was on a custom build CMS and developed with tailor made code. In 2017 the current public beta went live, but you can click on the video to get a short tour of the old interface.


The UCDtoolbox was tested at various conferences, with students at universities and with the industrial partners of the Design for Usability program. Click the play button to see a testimonial of a user.

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