It was tough to navigate through the intranet of Reed Business Information. Its text-dense and unfocussed layout made that co-workers had a hard time finding what they needed and self-servicing themselves. Time for a redesign focused on efficiency and satisfaction.


Responsible for all UX research, IA, Interaction design and instructing developers to build.

  • Pointing out the need for a new intranet and showing the potential of what an intranet could be more: a digital workplace for all employees at RBI
  • A survey to gather needs and wishes quantitively
  • Setting up requirements
  • On-line card sort to fuel the information architecture
  • Platform research to match with the requirements and IA (MS SharePoint)
  • Making a design using the platform’s capabilities
  • Selecting an external party capable of executing the task
  • Collaborating with an external party to build the intranet

With a very low budget and only one other colleague involved, we managed to launch a new social intranet with digital workplace in less than 9 months.

A closer look at the project

research & design at

Work done together with a co-worker at RBI and an external development team