As people get older, there is the risk that they gradually dissociate themselves from society. Communication can become an obstacle in maintaining and controlling social relationships. Relationships with other people give happiness and support, but also a sense of belonging and that the elderly have a role to play in society, where exclusion and loneliness have a strong negative impact. This project explores positive solutions for this problem by introducing an interactive system: the KeyPing.

With KeyPing, social networking becomes tangible again. The imaginative power of the KeyPing board in combination with a personal configuration of the ThinKeys allows elderly to interact with their beloved ones beyond their immediate physical surroundings. Through explicit actions of the user and perceptible activity of the contacts, the KeyPing system facilitates a feeling of social connectedness: a momentary affective experience of belonging and relatedness – integral to well-being. In a delicate and unobtrusive way, KeyPing makes the elderly feel more connected with their world.