Customers of tax SAAS Nextens are changing their practice from tax filing to advice. Nextens wanted to support their users in signalling advice opportunities to visualise year-on-year changes in the tax data of their clients.


UX research, interaction design and dashboard design in PowerBI and Adobe XD.

  • Continuous UX research (2 co-creation sessions, 20+ interviews and 3 surveys) throughout with customers and alpha- & beta-testers;
  • Communicate findings to the development team and management, thus ensuring prioritization for key ux-challenges for customers;
  • Internal data-visualisation workshops to map the customer wishes to which and in what shape data could be displayed;
  • Design dashboards directly in Microsoft PowerBI with example data in intensive collaboration with the agile development team and supporting the team to implement required changes;
  • Design data visualisation dashboards and interactions in Adobe XD with design specs for developers;
  • Colour study top optimize the display of colours for the visual impaired;
  • Closely collaborate with the scrumteam for implementation.

A valued expansion to the Nextens suite for our customers which was released in december 2017.

A closer look at creating visualisations for advice opportunities

A closer look at the development of one of the six dashboards

research & design at

Work done in collaboration with an agile development team and otherwise involved co-workers at RBI