Nextens is a very successful cloud-based tax filing software that runs about half of all tax files each year. Three agile teams are working on continuous improvement of the product. I support each of them in creating the best experience for our customers.

Design of the integration of content from the Fiscaal Totaal knowledge base in the help center of Nextens with conversion messages

Example: Support accountants to solve tax issues faster by showing valuable content from Fiscaal Totaal right at the relevant locations in Nextens

Shown is an example of the integration of the Fiscaal Totaal knowledge base in the help center of Nextens with messages to convert users who do not have a subscription on Fiscaal Totaal to trial its full potential.


Continuous UX research and interaction design with three agile development teams.

  • Give advice for small changes
  • Conduct UX research and involve developers in it as well
  • Work together with the teams to come up with design solutions for new functionality, product-parts and other improvements
  • Use the design guide and available components to create designs that can be implemented efficiently
  • Convince developers when a new component needs to be created and support in that
  • Some examples: Toeslagen module, document management, integration with Fiscaal Totaal and Audit trial

Continuous UX input results in continuous improvement of the product for our customers at each release.

Random examples of UX-related work for Nextens

research & design at

Work done in collaboration with agile development teams at RBI