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By February 11, 2011 Blog

As from 2005, I updated my portfolio website on a yearly basis. Practically this meant developing complete new websites with new features and new content; giving me the opportunity to experiment with new languages (flash, (x)html, css, javascript, php). Since my portfolio grew a lot during 2009 and 2010 and my wish to communicate my graduation process via my own website, I decided to re-develop the entire website again. It was also my goal to add more visual material and social media. As always it took longer than I thought it would take, but I can now finally say that it is finished.

The current website is built with WordPress, using the Arras Theme, and contains a lot of plugins and widgets. I listed all plugins that I used below. Many thanks to everyone who developed these plugins and widgets!

  1. Akismet by Automattic: Protects me from spam
  2. Breadcrumb NavXT by John Havlik: Placed in widgets on the top right and bottom right
  3. Contact Form by ContactMe: Contact menu
  4. dTabs by David Burton: Used in the Work section
  5. Get Custom Field Values by Scott Reilly: Used in my Work section, to display the metadata of each project (Created with, -during and -for)`
  6. Highlighter by ANNOtype, Inc.: Gives the ability to engage with you on specific words, sentences, and images by simply highlighting (as shown in the example right here).
  7. Netlife’s Tag Cloud by Neil E. Pearson: Shows a nice flash tag cloud in the footer of this website
  8. NextGEN Gallery by Alex Rabe: Used most of the pages in the Work section
  9. NextGen Resize byManoj Sachwani: Used to minimize traffic on this heavy website
  10. No Comments On Pages by Jaka Jancar: Used to disable comments where I did not wanted you guys to comment
  11. Share and Follow by Andy Killen: Visible on every page on the right hand, so that you can share my writings
  12. Wickett Twitter Widget by Automattic Inc: Shows my latest tweets everywhere except in the Work section
  13. Widget Logic by Alan Trewartha: Made it possible to (not) show certain widgets (such as my latest Tweets and the projects’ metadata) where I wanted
  14. WP to Twitter by Joseph Dolson: Tweeting the latest headlines from this website

I am aware of the fact that not everything works perfectly. There might be problems with links or correct visualizations on this site. Do you see a flaw? Please mention it to me and I’ll fix it 🙂 Thanks!

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