I create products and web applications that are easy and fun to use, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and sales while decreasing support costs.


Learn from the end-user

Involving users in the design process is, every single time, an eye opener to me because they show me that there is always room for improvement.

Create great designs

Everything that we create is designed to make our lives easier and more fun (or at least I think it should be).

Consult & support

I can take a look at your design from the users’ perspective or support you in using User Centered Design in your business.

Share the love for UCD

I believe that UCD is the most powerful way to create great products that will last. I give lectures, organize usability events and coach students.

Unusable products have a huge impact on business

Did you ever wanted to throw your phone, computer, remote, microwave or any other product out of the window? Did you therefore not recommend that product or stopped using or even buying it?

Users abandon product every day. Even though products intentionally are created to make our lives easier.

But what can we do about it? The answer is simple: learn from the end-user and design accordingly.

Learn how User Centered Design can help you
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Collected UX articles

Once a week, I crawl the web for great UX articles. I put them in one of the following 8 magazines, each aimed at a specific background / activity. Enjoy reading.

Thanks to all authors for writing great content!

Don’t just take my word for it. Here is what other people say:

Tristan is able to bring a complex project (usability of kitchen appliances for elderly people) to a successful conclusion with very applicable results.

Vincent Hofstee, product manager at ATAG

Tristan is a very enthusiastic person who is very punctual and can deliver high quality work within a short period of time. Above all, he is a very pleasant fellow to work with!

Elvin Karana, Assistant Professor at Design Engineering, TU Delft